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Does Your Child Require Sedation Dentistry?

Many children, especially those who have had a traumatizing dental experience in the past, may have anxiety (fear) about visiting the dentist.  I specialize in helping anxious children feel more comfortable during dental treatment.  Sometimes I perform sedation treatment, which is a very successful treatment option for children who are nervous about dental procedures.

There are many factors which go into determining if a patient is a candidate for sedation.  Sedation may not be recommended for patients with heart or respiratory problems or other serious health conditions. Any time a patient  is sedated, they must be monitored carefully by a practitioner who is qualified and licensed to perform sedation, as I am.  We don’t rush into sedating patients and we never sedate a patient on their first or even second appointment.

We have a separate treatment planning appointment before the sedation appointment so that we may discuss the sedation process and treatment plan thoroughly with the parent.  It is always my goal to ensure that my patients and their parents are completely informed and agree with their proposed treatment plans.

Kids smile about dental appointments at my office!

Sedation dentistry is a very valuable treatment option for patients who have extreme dental anxiety.  Many patients who are referred to me for sedation don’t really require sedation-they simply require a dentist who is trained in treating anxious patients and making them feel at ease.  I assess each patient very carefully to determine what treatment approach will be in that patient’s best interests.  My team and I strive to make even very nervous children able to enjoy visiting their dentist!  Visit our website at to learn more about the services we offer at Haas Dental Associates!

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe For My Child?

Unfortunately, many children experience fear and anxiety about their visits to the dentist. Many children who are not generally anxious about their routine dental cleanings, experience anxiety regarding dental procedures such as fillings or extractions. There is a safe solution to help put these young patients at ease and allow them to comfortably tolerate dental procedures. Nitrous Oxide/oxygen, also commonly known as “laughing gas”, or “happy air” is a very common, safe, sedative drug which is used for children and adults.

Nitrous Oxide is a gas which has no odor and is inhaled by the patient before a procedure is started and continually inhaled throughout the procedure. After a few minutes of inhaling the gas, the patient starts to experience a sense of well-being and relaxation. They may even feel a little tingling in their arms and legs (which is perfectly fine). Nitrous oxide/oxygen raises a patient’s pain threshold and the patient may feel time passes more quickly.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen is one of the safest sedatives used in dentistry. It is well tolerated, it can be adjusted in various concentrations and is non-allergenic. Nitrous oxide can also be used in conjunction with other sedative drugs when necessary. Your child will be conscious, aware and able to communicate with us at all times. When treatment is completed, the nitrous oxide is discontinued and oxygen is given to the patient. There are no lingering effects with nitrous oxide.

Kids can smile about visiting the dentist!

In my office, we sit and have a treatment planning discussion with parents before we attempt any dental restorative treatment. Though nitrous oxide is safe, it may not be the best option for children who are too anxious and will require more sedation. I am able to assess what will work best for your child’s specific dental and emotional needs. Read more about sedation with nitrous oxide and conscious sedation treatment by visiting We have so many resources at our disposal to help your child have a pleasant dental experience that there is no need for them to fear dental procedures.

The Most Anxious Children Enjoy Dental Visits With Us!

So many children who come to my office have unfortunately had some very upsetting and often traumatizing experiences at other dental practices. Sometimes it’s due to the fact that the child was brought to a general practitioner, rather than a pediatric dentist. Sometimes it’s because offices haven’t had the specialized training in the proper way to approach and treat a frightened child. We have many young patients who have come to us after unsuccessfully visiting 3-4 other offices and being told that they require sedation in order to receive dental care. My staff and I specialize in helping children receive dental treatment in an environment that will ease their fears and change how they view going to the dentist.

I have had extensive training in treating anxious children. I am Board Certified in Pediatric Dentistry by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. I am also certified to practice both conscious and operating room sedation treatment. My office takes the time to ease nervous children into their dental treatment. Many children who have been told they require sedation come to my office and do quite well, sometimes without sedation at all! It’s all in the approach you take with anxious young patients and being able to connect with them at their level in order to make them feel safe and cared for.

Dr. Jim with an anxious patient

Dr. Jim has t.v.’s on the ceiling!

I have many clinical staff members who have been with my practice for 20-30 years and together we make a great team that kids love to visit! With today’s technologies and my expertise in treating anxious patients, there is no need for a child’s visit to the dentist to be a traumatizing and dreaded experience. We have televisions on the ceiling above my dental chairs, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help them relax, and I quite often even sing to my patients while performing their dental work! Come visit me and my staff to see why your child could actually look forward to going to the dentist! Read actual testimonials of parents whose children now love coming to the dentist by clicking here We would love the opportunity to help your child end their fear of the dentist.